Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Research paper comparison between Belize and United States

Comparison between Belize and United States - Research Paper Example That fact explains why the Spanish tongue is spoken by the native people. Interestingly though, it is the only Central American country that has English as its official language. (Belize. Wikipedia. [internet]) The relations between Belize and the United States are more on mutual cooperation covering domestic problems such as crime and police concerns. At one point, a child molester was arrested in Belize after his picture was shown in the Oprah Winfrey show. (ACCUSED CHILD PREDATORS CAUGHT. Thanks to "Oprah" Television Viewers. October 19, 2005. Headline Archives. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. [internet].). There are not much about high level talks between the two although it is quite known that both countries are cordially close with each other. Belize citizens who have migrated to the United States are now relatively big in number, about seventy thousand. On the trade and commerce front, the United States is the most important business partner of Belize. Aside from that, there are a lot of fund investments coming from the Americans which are placed in Belize. Superficially, there appears no other significant factor or reason for a serious bonding between the two countries. Going deeper, however, will come up with something that may possibly suggest for a more coordinated and more synchronized inter-relation and inter-action between these governments. The areas that need to focus on are drugs and terrorism which may seem petty in the Belize home base but which can blow up in unmanageable proportions at some unexpected time. These worries are becoming hot issues. In one account, organized crimes executions and drug trafficking have been rising in trends. (Belize Murder Rate Skyrockets. Drugs, Gangs And Organized Crime. February 17, 2008. CruiseBruise. [internet]). In several cases, the use of cruise ship connections is evident, the latter being explained by the attractive tourism industry of Belize. The drug menace is clearly becoming a growing

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