Friday, January 31, 2020

Shark Finning Should Be Stopped Essay Example for Free

Shark Finning Should Be Stopped Essay Shark Finning Should Be Stopped Nowadays, over 73 million of sharks of various species are being caught and killed worldwide each year due to the increasing demand for shark fin. Shark finning is the behavior where fishermen cut off the shark’s fin and throw the bodied back to the ocean aimed to get the maximum profit. Decades ago, when shark fin became the status symbols, the demand of it is increasing rapidly. Despite the high profit of shark fin trade, however, sharks finning should be stopped aim to meet the requirement for natural resources in next generation. In this essay, I will argue why the shark finning should be stopped. The first reason why shark finning should be stopped is that shark species is one necessary part of ecosystems. Sharks are the top level species of the marine ecological pyramids and related to humanity closely. It means that sharks enjoy the important position of maintaining the marine ecosystems. If there are a huge amount of sharks be killed, it will lead to quite a large number of small and medium-sized fishes loss of natural enemies and growing rapidly, thus seriously destroy the balance of marine ecosystems. For example, the decrease of sharks in Tasmania has led to the significant increase of the octopus, due to the octopuses prey on lobsters, the fisheries in that area has crumbled. Sharks are the dominant part which can remove the diseased animals and maintain the balance of predators and prey in marine ecosystems. Furthermore, marine ecosystems are significant to globe environment, although scientists haven’t find out the fully impacts of shark’s extinction for humanity, there is obviously that the global disaster is coming. Furthermore, shark finning should be stopped not only due to shark finning will harm for shark species but also bad for humanity. Shark fin trade has attractive profit but humanity will pay a lot for shark’s extinction more than the profits they can earn. Besides the effects of shark finning in ecosystems, scientist also mentioned that shark fin contain high levels of mercury which can directly damage the central nervous system. According to Eilperin (2011), While many consumersespecially in Chinaview shark meat and fins as nutritious, sharks are likely to contain high levels of mercury because they are large, slow-growing fish that consume other fish as their prey, which allows mercury to build up in their muscle tissues. (p. 78) It’s obviously that shark fin has symbolized wealth ince hundred years ago; its value is in psychology instead in physics. There is no doubt that shark fin as the luxury food symbol in tradition society, is predicted to place rising pressure on available resources based on the expanding consumer purchasing capability (Clarke et al. , 2007). Due to the fact that shark finning is the behavior not only harm for environment but bad for humanity, it should be stopped and banned immediately. As I mentioned before, after the shark fin be cut off, the body of shark which is basically worthless will be threw back to the ocean. And the shark which has lost their measure of mobility will be taken by other species or bleeds to death (Jennifer, n. d. ). So you may ask why people do not use the entire shark to gain more profit, but the answer, which is no doubt that shark’s fin soup is the best tool of gaining highest profit. Shark’s meat and bone are not be focused by fishermen and business men but shark fin. Since several hundred years age, shark fin soup already became the necessary dish in the big events even though the price of shark fin soup is 100 dollar or more for a bowl. And the demand of shark fin is constant growing although it charges a high price. For instance, the shark fin trade is steady increasing in five percent per year in the late 1990s (with the exception of 1998 when the Asian financial crisis caused depressing sales) and the beginning of twenty-first century (Eilperin, 2010). Though the large amount of shark fin soup, a dish without cooking value and taste, we can know that it is just symbol, no substance. Actually, the pursuit of shark fin is a sightless and erroneous mentality which has lasted a long time especially in China. As the saying goes frugality is a virtue, shark finning as a stunning extravagant behavior should be stopped and banned. With the growing economics technology in China even in the world, people have more qualifications to concerned about their health and environment protection; therefore, people should be more rational to consider the cost of shark finning. As the valued traditional Chinese lifestyle, balance and moderation also can be used to take pride and honor in rebuilding a balance to ecosystem by quitting shark finning (Why shark fin, n. d. ).

Thursday, January 23, 2020

In what kind of community does Arthur Miller root John Proctor? :: English Literature

In what kind of community does Arthur Miller root John Proctor? In Arthur Millers Salem the community is very religious and pious. They might be religious but their actions are bad. The community is a puritan community this means that they are keen on helping the church or making it better. The community is lead by the church so it is a theocracy. Only by one example you can see how religious the community is because the church leads it. The community is scared of other people coming and changing the whole way of their lives so they want to keep their way to themselves. In Arthur Millers Salem, Salem society is very repressive in other word it is controlled and strict. They want it strict so they can keep the community from falling to pieces. The society of Arthur Millers Salem is very strict and severe. For instance when Abigail and the other teenage girls were caught in the forest dancing by Parris. When Abigail was at home with Parris. Abigail says to Parris in Act 1 Page 7 "I think you best go down and deny it yourself." Parris replies back by saying "My daughter and my niece I discovered dancing like heathen in the forest?" You can see here now that Parris is calling Abigail heathen who means non-Christian. Parris is calling Abigail non-Christian only for dancing. It is so severe that Abigail said on Act 1 Page 7 "Uncle, we did dance: let you tell them I confessed it-and I'll be whipped if I must be. Then Mary says on Act 1 Page 14 "Abby we've got to tell. Witchery's an hanging error†¦you'll only be whipped for dancing and other things we must tell the truth." You only can see by this how strict and severe the community is, if you dace you get whipped sixty times. You can see the society is strict and only by the few examples I have given. They gave severe punishment to anyone who broke their rules. The beliefs of the people are strong and they stand up for their beliefs. Because the existence of witches etc are mentioned in the Bible. Proctor says in Act 2 Page 57 "I have no knowledge of it: the Bible speaks of witches and I Will not deny them." Proctor is saying that he does not know if witches exist, because the Bible mentions witches so he has full belief in them. All of the community is religious and they will have total belief in the Bible. They are very quick to call each other witches or that some one is bewitched.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Private tuition should be banned Essay

Our educational system is made in such a way that it favours the elite. The elites are rewarded by a laureate system that put emphasis on the results obtained by simple intelligence tests. The ‘classes’ are rewarded by scholarships. No wonder that from such a system, children also come out of primary education without knowing to write or read. That’s because our eyes are always focused on the top rather than the bottom. Based on this system, what is left for parents to ensure that their ward gets the eye rather than trailing at the bottom? They are forced to find the best for their children. The best should have been coming from the schooling system and teachers of an institution but somehow or the other; some have found a way of perverting the system. Some have found a way of making it a lucrative business by purposely creating a lack of knowledge in class so that what is missing is covered in tuitions. No wonder teachers are fighting so that the system remains the same. For example, no extension of class hours in the afternoon, no reduction of school holidays because, according to them, the children need to recuperate to enjoy their holidays, but to others, there is a need to cram up the students more during holidays to justify the wages obtained from it. Let us now look at the abuses. Tuition may lead to too much of pampering and may kill the self effort of the student. The student would not touch the book unless the tuition master turns up. Instead of his working and learning on his own he becomes so dependant on the tuition master that ultimately the gain would be perceptibly nil. There are also pupils adopting devious means through the tuition masters to get a pass. The poor tuition master makes himself cheap and worries more about the promotion of his ward than about his own children. Often, it is not uncommon to see a boy having more than one tuition master for each one of his subjects. Because he pays for the tuition, he looks down upon the poor teacher who is likely to lose his dignity. The Minister is trying to put a brake to this system but is he going to succeed? No way, as the demand is such that the pressure will come from parents and not from the teachers. But then, one may ask, so what do we do? Well, give equal opportunities to all children to attend 2 to 3 years of pre-primary education. Then we also have to get rid of this elitist system, where the best are rewarded at all levels of education. Oh, some will say that our elite will disappear. No the best will always remain the best  whether they are rewarded or not, because their motivation are intrinsic. But who is going to take the risk of breaking that system that has created such a lot of harm to our children and to society? Will the Minister take of the risk of doing it? Will his Political party take the risk? If not, then why all this hypocrisy about abolition of private tuition? In order to avoid the evils of private tuition, educational institutions themselves may arrange tutorial classes. If the regular teachers cannot attend to the tutorials special tutors may be appointed to attend to very small groups of needy students. Such contacts may help build confidence in the student. Such tutorial classes may be complementary as well as supplementary. The tutorial system when properly organised will go a long way to improve the efficiency of the student.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Cosmos Episode 12 Viewing Worksheet

In the spring of 2014, Fox aired the television series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. This amazing show, with solid science explained in a totally accessible way, is a rare find for a teacher. Not only is it informative, but students also seem to be entertained and invested in the episodes as Neil deGrasse Tyson narrates and gets excited. Whether,  as a teacher, you  need a video to show your  class as a reward or as a supplement to a science topic, or even as a lesson plan to be followed by a substitute, Cosmos has you covered. One way you can assess the students learning (or at the very least to keep them focused on the show) is to give them a worksheet to fill out during the viewing, or as a quiz afterward. Feel free to copy and paste the worksheet below and use it as the students watch Episode 12 of Cosmos entitled The World Set Free. This particular episode is also a great way to battle any resistance to the idea of global climate change. Cosmos Episode 12 Worksheet Name:______________ Directions: Answer the questions as you watch episode 12 of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey What planet is Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about when he says it used to be paradise?How hot is the surface of Venus?What are the clouds that block the Sun on Venus made of?Which country landed a probe on Venus in 1982?What is the difference in the way carbon is stored on Venus and on Earth?What living thing created the White Cliffs of Dover?What would Venus have needed in order to store carbon in the form of a mineral?What on Earth primarily controls the amount of carbon dioxide in the air?What did Charles David Keeling manage to do in 1958?How can scientists read the â€Å"diary† of the Earth written in the snow?What major event in history is the starting point of the exponential rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?How much carbon dioxide do volcanoes add to the atmosphere on Earth every year?How did scientists conclude the extra carbon dioxide in the air contributing to climate change was not made from volcanoes, but instead comes from burning fossil fuels?How much ext ra carbon dioxide are humans putting into the atmosphere every year by burning fossil fuels?How much additional carbon dioxide has been spewed into the atmosphere since Carl Sagan first warned about doing so in the original â€Å"Cosmos† television series in 1980?What do Neil deGrasse Tyson and his dog walking on the beach symbolize?How are the polar ice caps an example of a positive feedback loop?At what rate are the Arctic Ocean ice caps receding now?How is the permafrost near the North Pole melting increasing carbon dioxide levels?What are two ways we know that the Sun is not the cause of the current global warming trend?What amazing invention did Augustin Mouchot first display in France in 1878?Why was there no interest in Augustin Mouchot’s invention after he won the gold medal at the fair?Why did Frank Shuman’s dream of irrigating the desert in Egypt never come to be?How much of the wind’s power would have to be tapped in order to run all of civiliz ation?The manned missions to the moon were a direct result of what period in the United States’ history?Who were the first group of people to stop wandering and begin civilization by using agriculture?