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Cell Phones And Its Effects On Our Lives - 1366 Words

With the advent use of technology and increasing use of cell phones, a lot of studies are taking place. Even though cell phones today have been helpful with communicating with people far away, these cellular devices still are dangerous in many extravagant ways. Dangerous can mean many things when it comes to cell phones. Billions of people throughout the world are implementing cell phone use in their daily routines. Cell phones are becoming a prone addiction which causes us to not be so aware of our surroundings when using it. Many researchers have performed tests on what radiation levels (radio frequency) can do to our health. Based on scientific research and studies, cell phones are taking over our daily lives which is why cell phone use should be used less because they increase the risk of traffic accidents, can cause cancer, and disrupt pacemakers. Researchers everywhere have proven that cell phones increase traffic accidents and can be fatal. People are distracted by the tiniest things; therefore, our minds can only focus on so much which ultimately builds stress. Researchers have realized that when a brain is in a state of â€Å"cognitive capture† or â€Å"inattention blindness† the individual gets captured by the world inside the phone and becomes blind to the world outside of it. â€Å"When people talk on the phone while driving, their minds are blinded to what is going on around them and they become safety hazards.†(Saleton) The researchers also found that half the world’sShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Cell Phones On Our Lives1053 Words   |  5 Pagesyears that improve our everyday lives. The wide use of cell phones has caused a remarkable impact on physical, and social aspects of our life. Cell phones impacts have contributed positively to our lives, but still others have influenced negative ly on our life. With technology, the way we communicate has changed over the past year with our smart phones we can surf the internet, check our social media accounts, use GPS, and text and call our families and friends. The cell phones have made a significantRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Our Lives938 Words   |  4 Pagesout lives. We use our cell phones for everything from finding directions, to taking pictures of moments you do not want to forget. Everywhere you go, you cell phone goes with you, if you forget it at home, somehow we feel naked without it. Cell phones have become so powerful and useful for so many things other than just making phone calls; I do not even know why we still call them phones. With that, we have the right to feel secure and free from unwarranted searches though our cell phones andRead MoreCell Phones Effect Our Lives977 Words   |  4 PagesHow Cell Phones Effect our Everyday Lives Once upon a time, cell phones did not exist. If you wanted to make a call you had to use a home phone or a pay phone, but cell phones are now common place in our everyday lives. Almost everyone has one, even children in elementary school have cell phones. So how does having such easy access to a cell phone effect our everyday lives? The positive effects of cell phones are easy to see, as cell phones can be convenient and used as a life line in an emergencyRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effect On Our Lives1612 Words   |  7 PagesFollowing the time when the mid 1980s, phones have been rapidly moving their route into our commonplace lives, particularly with the presentation of cam telephones in the early part of the new thousand years. As cells develop they have more of an effect on our commonplace lives and I need to exactly how much they are affecting. Similarly as with new engineering in whatever other structure, phones have changed enormously over their generally short life com passes. As these progressions happen, soRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Our Lives862 Words   |  4 Pageshouse without theirs. The answer to this riddle? Cell phones. Children and adults alike are partaking in the growing addiction to their mobile devices. Can we blame them though? The sheer amount of uses, features, along with other various gizmos that come along with a cell phone are enough to make not having one a handicap on most people. Schools, websites, work places, all are integrating cell phone use into their everyday tasks. Downsides to cell phones do exist, but the benefits of having one farRead MoreThe Effects Of Cell Phones On Our Lives2011 Words   |  9 PagesDue to increasing technological innovations, many people are gradually trapping themselves in the web of cell phones. Even with primary laws in effect, drivers are tempted to text and drive on the road, and it has only brought grave consequences. According to the United States Department of Transportat ion, â€Å"It is estimated that drivers who text while on the road contribute to at least 100,000 collisions each year (qt. in Northwest drivers Admit). Besides causing careless accidents, intexicated driversRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Our Lives924 Words   |  4 PagesCellular Distractions Can Wait. Cell phones, otherwise known as smart phones by today’s standards, are an immense help to most Americans in many ways. We use our cell phones daily for communication with friends and family through texting and phone calls, scheduling appointment, or social media. However, the convenience of smart phones is being abused daily in several ways that can lead to severe impacts with the distractions they cause. The advancement of cell phone technology in the last decadeRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effects On Our Lives Essay1222 Words   |  5 PagesGone are the days when cell telephones were considered as extravagance thing to have with. The developing rivalry in portable makers has brought down the costs of cellular telephones to that degree that these days, purchasing a cell telephone is not a major ordeal. Simply spend a couple bucks and you are pleased proprietor of a cell telephone. In today s opportunity, it s elusive a man who does not possess a cellular telephone. The little contraption is an essential need of life. In any case, whyRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effect On Our Lives894 Words   |  4 Pages The first cell phone that was build in a car the reason why it was because it was too big to carry around in your pockets. Buying a phone in 1980 were very expensive, not everyone can afford a phone for themselves. Cell phones back in the day would cost just about over a couple thousand of dollars. The mobile devices that were made in that time was only for phone calls without any caller ID s to tell who s calling you. .Cell phones have been producing a lot better over these few years. BackRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effect On Our Lives934 Words   |  4 Pagesanother being exist, especially in our generation. This seems to be not a problem at moment, but with advancement of technology and new ways of meeting people digitally is seems people feel it’s appropriate to constantly be on their mobile devices without any consequences or surroundings. With Mobile device and other forms of wireless communication also effecting on distracting driving. The use of cell phones pose a risk for society in many ways involving cell phone conversations and texting or instant

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